Ford Stroker Kit

347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons

347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons

347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons
ROTATING ASSEMBLY WITH WISECO FORGED. Our user id is: skipwhite, and our store name is whiteperformance1. You may have noticed other sellers using a similar name offering similar products. These other sellers have capitalized on our name as we see it, and many customers searching for us will inadvertently find them, thinking we are one in the same company. There is only one Skip White. We have no other names, nor are we associated with any other company regardless of the similarity in the name or location. Our official company name is Skip White Performance. Please see the article in the lower part of this ad for a more detailed explanation. The picture above is a file photo. See the detailed info below for the actual pictures and items included in this assembly. This assembly comes with a Scat crankshaft and 4340 Scat rods, Hastings or Mahle rings, depending on availability, King bearings, and a heavy duty 157 or 164 tooth flexplate and a Pro-Race brand damper. See our other listings for various piston bores in flat, dish, and dome style. See details for all the actual specs of this assembly. In the lower section of this ad is information on the various upgrades we offer in our other listings.

Crankshaft: Genuine Scat, In house Balanced. Crankshaft Stroke: 3.400 for. Rear Main Seal: Ford Std. Rod Type: Scat Pro-Stock, I-beam, Bronze Bushed. Rod Material: Forged 4340 Alloy.

Rod Bolt/Cap Screw: ARP 8740 Cap Screws. High Performance for street/strip use. Piston Material: Forged 2618 Aircraft Alloy. Piston Rings: Mahle or Hastings moly, Reduced Tension Oil Ring.

Ring Size and Fit: 5/64 5/64 3/16 Drop-In. Bearing, Damper, and Flexplate Specs.

Balance: In House on CWT balancer. Damper: Pro-Race brand 6.4, 28 oz. Flexplate: Heavy Duty 157 or 164 tooth is available.

Flywheels are available at an additional cost. The calculations below assume your pistons are at zero deck. Let's say your compression calculates out to be 10.77, for example based on having the pistons at zero deck (flush with the deck), but your pistons were going to be. 005 in the hole, then the comp.

Ratio would only drop to 10.63, and if left. 010 in the hole, then it would drop to approx. 10.49 We do recommend having your block decked to allow the piston to set anywhere from flush (zero) to.

005 in the hole for optimal performance. We used a 4.125 head gasket diameter, and a. 040 head gasket thickness in our calculations to come up with our comp. Listed below is a complete breakdown of all the parts that are included in this assembly. WISECO FULLY FORGED PISTONS, RATED AT 800+ HP.


The Wiseco forged pistons are rated very high in the street/strip performance industry. Are made using the 2618 aircraft alloy and have fully machined crowns. Most lower cost forged pistons on the market do not use this alloy, and they do not have fully machined crowns.

We prefer the 2618 alloy over the lower cost 4032 alloy. This alloy may fragment from the effects of detonation and if this happens, it can be very destructive to the engine. The 4032 forged alloy pistons are fine for stock or mild engine builds, but should never be used in carbureted engines built to high horse power levels. The forged 2618 alloy piston is much more resistant to the effects of detonation and heat.

Our Wiseco Forged pistons are custom designed with an increase in compression height. Here are a few facts about compression height and deck height. Our custom made pistons have a compression height that is. 010 taller on bbc pistons, and.

015 taller on sbc pistons, as compared to most all of the catalog pistons on the market. We find this to be a very valuable feature. Since our pistons sit at a taller than normal compression height, you will only have to remove approx. 005.010 off the deck surface of a virgin block to achieve a zero deck (flush with the deck surface). This maintains the deck's thickness, making it much stronger than a block that has been cut down.

The engine will also run a bit cooler with a thicker deck. It's well known that the deck dissipates much of the built up heat an engine generates. This also allows for future deck re-surfacing without compromising the integrity of the block. Most all catalog pistons on the market require cutting the deck surface around. 025 to achieve a zero deck.

A zero deck is very important as it keeps the quench/squish zone at or near an optimal. Be sure and let your machine shop know what the compression height is on these pistons before they machine your deck surface. You may have noticed that our Wiseco custom made forged pistons are referred to as Racing Pistons on the package. This does not mean that the pistons are for racing only.

This is a generic term, referring to their ability to be used in high performance applications as well as for street rod use. These pistons are perfectly designed for use on the street, as well as for medium to upper level drag racing. We have built approximately 5000 engines using the Wiseco forged pistons. The engines have been for street rod and strip use.

We have seen no problems, nor have there been any complaints. They are an excellent product in every respect. These pistons are also suitable for use with nitrous or blower setups.

For the slight increase in cost, this is the best value on the market. The pictures below are file photos of our Wiseco pistons.

The picture below is a generic file photo of a Scat crankshaft. You will receive the correct model packaged in the original Scat box.

Some of the benefits of the Scat crankshaft supplied with this assembly. The material used in this crankshaft is manufactured from an exclusive Space Age material that was designed for high strength and fatigue resistance. The Scat cranks are 25% stronger than stock OEM cast cranks and are the best value you will ever find. The Scat crankshafts are the best way to build a strong bottom end for, street rods, dirt and circle track racing, and drag strip racing.

This crank is suitable for use up to approx. We recommend that you check the thrust clearance on the crank before assembling the engine. This is recommended on any crankshaft, regardless of brand or cost. Also be sure to check your main and rod journal size. Genuine Scat Bushed Rods with ARP 12 point cap screws are now used in all of our rotating assemblies.

As seen the in close-up picture below, Scat rods have a very solid build quality. The quality of the Scat rods is unsurpassed by any of the low cost no-name rods on the market and they exceed the quality of some of the branded names as well. Our Scat rods are bronze bushed. These are far superior to press fit. They are much more durable and free up a slight amount of horse power, and reduce piston and oil temp. We just don't recommend press fit to anyone. Bushed rods with full floating wrist pins, which we offer, are very simple to attach to the pistons.

The Scat rods do have genuine ARP 8740 Series 12 point cap screws. These rods offer excellent block clearance in the lower end of the cylinders. We have noticed some sellers using generic rods and crankshafts in their rotating assemblies. These non-branded (no-name) rods and cranks are often poor quality in many ways. You will notice many sellers fail to mention the actual brand of these products.

Upon further investigation, you will find such parts not to be a branded name product. They may label these parts with a name, but one that is totally unrecognizable in the industry. Our experience in years past with such rods and cranks has been disappointing, to say the least.

Failures of such critical parts in your engine may result in catastrophic damage. Machine shops are sometimes able to correct some of the problems with these low quality rods and cranks, but at great expense to the customer. As for the questionable alloy these items may be produced from and the potentially incorrect heat treating methods used, little can be done to verify this and nothing can be done to correct it. As you may have noticed, this is why we specify the name, brand, and series of every part used in our assemblies.

Many of the inferior "no-name" rods on the market will also have "no-name" rod bolts in them. We have seen these bolts before, and they are very low quality. They don't have ARP's rolled thread design, and they don't torque down with the same characteristics as a genuine ARP bolt.

It's not just a matter of having a different brand bolt in the rods; these bolts are low quality in many ways. They have been known to fail in engines to a much greater degree than a high quality rod bolt, and this failure usually causes catastrophic damage in the engine. Beware of rods that don't mention the rod bolt brand. As far as we're concerned, ARP bolts are the only brand we would ever use or accept in a set of rods. Genuine ARP 8740 cap screws.

Although this may not apply to the Ford 347 assembly, pictured below is the exact location to grind the rod if necessary when using the regular Scat rods that come with this assembly. The flat half moon spot directly beside the bolt is the area we ground. The picture below is very large, giving the impression that the amount removed was larger than it was in reality. The area ground is actually the size of a small shirt button divided in two. With the rod ground as shown, clearing a 550 cam should not be a problem. However, other factors may come into play, so you must do a roll over test before final assembly. The amount of metal removed is approx. 1.5 grams and will not affect balancing.

Before the engine is assembled, we strongly suggest checking the rods on a Sunnen machine for sizing on both ends. We recommend this with any rod regardless of cost or brand.

It is not uncommon to find some of the rods requiring a slight bump through the hone for perfection in sizing and roundness. We also offer this kit with a proofed set of rods. This is an excellent choice for those wanting to build the engine on their own. We also offer a rod upgrade in our other listings. MAHLE or HASTINS RINGS DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY.

KING MAIN AND ROD BEARINGS. Pro Race Brand harmonic damper, 6.4 diameter, included. These are very high quality items.

We have noticed others using a low grade knockoff brand damper/balancer, and we have encountered them in the past. They are substandard in appearance, and are often out of spec. The timing marks were also poorly marked on some of the balancers we have come across.

You don't want a balancer coming off or one that is improperly weighted. Another problem with low grade dampers is the elastomer bonding can lose its adherence to the inner and outer structure. This problem is referred to as a slipped damper. We have only encountered this once in 10 years with the Pro-Race brand dampers. We know of several competitors including these balancers with rotating assemblies.

The ProStreet brand is far superior to most any we have ever seen. They were once known as a knockoff product, and have become one the best values on the market, without comprising quality whatsoever. This flexplate will resist cracking. One good telltale in identifying a low quality flexplate is the lack of welding on each side where the plate mates to the ring gear. They usually have a pale grey color to them, as they are not coated, and will rust quickly.

Ours are welded on both sides, and are much thicker than an OE plate, and are either zinc dichromate or black powder coated. We would never use the thinner OE style plate on an assembly like this. WARNING: The crank has a dowel pin installed in it. You must align the flexplate or flywheel to the dowel pin.

The assembly was balanced with this pin installed. We offer premium grade Ram brand SFI Billet Steel flywheels for manual transmission use at an additional cost. This assembly includes a flexplate for automatic transmission use at no additional cost. When choosing a flywheel for manual transmission use, be sure to know what tooth count you need. There are two sizes available, and it is of the utmost importance to select the flywheel that is correct for this assembly. There are several factors that must be addressed when choosing your correct flywheel. The tooth count must be correct.

There are two sizes available, and it is the bellhousing size on the transmission that determines this. Another important factor is if the assembly your purchasing is internally balanced often referred to as neutral balanced or if it is an externally balanced assembly, often referred to as externally balanced. All of our assembly ads will have this information in them.

Big block and small block engines will also have a different bolt pattern in most cases. To sum it up, there are three important factors to look for when selecting the correct flywheel, tooth count, int.

And whether or not you have a big block or small block engine. The Ram brand flywheels we offer are very high quality. We do our own balancing with our new state of the art CWT 5500 Series balancers. The CWT 5500 is the ultimate for precision balancing. We now have three of these in our machine shop. We consider this machine to be highly advanced compared to the Hines balancer we once used. We balance every rotating assembly we sell within 2 grams or less at no extra charge. A balance sheet is included with your assembly. Three CWT balance machines under one roof is a rare sight. Our crew wrapping up for the day. Our thoughts on what the competition has to offer. Many rotating assemblies we see on the market are not using the most suitable parts.

We hope you can value the fact that we have put together an above average assembly. The failure rate with the parts used in our assembly is near non-existent. It was through trial and error in years past that taught us where to draw the line with low cost parts.

If you're going to have a machine shop build your engine, we strongly advise you get an opinion from them on the parts you're going to be bringing to them. Rest assured they will find no problem with the quality of our parts. We have also seen sellers offering parts that are not compatible with what most people are building. Such is the case with 4 valve relief pistons. Those type pistons are sure to not clear the valves when using any decent sized cam.

The low grade dampers and flexplates are also another problem. Another area of concern would be balancing. Not sure how much attention these sellers are giving the assembly in this area. We spend up to two hours balancing an assembly, and using the very best up to date balancing equipment on the market. If the assembly is not balanced properly, it will hammer the bearings out of the engine, not to mention there is nothing worse than an engine that lacks a smooth feel and sound when under load.

We offer this assembly with selected upgrades. Listed below are some of the most requested ones.

Many not only improve performance, but further enhance the reliability and longevity of your engine, along with resale value. The upgrade prices below are subject to change. Refer to the actual upgrade listing for the exact price of these upgrades. The changes are usually very small if any. Offers an extreme level of safety against breakage, and is very resistant against slippage of the elastomer damping material.

SFI dampers are not only made from a better grade of steel, they are also constructed differently and have a much better appearance. They usually last much longer than a non-SFI damper.

Many drag strips require this on engines producing high horse power levels. The SFI certification is laser etched into the side.

Damper failure rates are much higher on engines using a non-sfi damper coupled with hp ratings exceeding 450 and turn 5600 rpm or higher. We strongly recommend this upgrade for those running hard. Cost of the SFI damper upgrade is. We have this upgrade featured in our other listings.

Extends bearing life, reduces oil temp, frees up a slight amount of average horsepower. This is a very low cost upgrade, and in the world of mass production, most cranks do not come with a true polished finish. This is why most machine shops have a machine to do this. The difference is dramatic between a crank right out of the box and one that we have polished. Bearing companies claim that cranks that have better finishes on the journals will survive the break-in better, and have much longer bearing life.

We do a two-step process and bring the RA numbers down in the single digit range. We have the most advanced crank polishing machine on the market.

Cost for the crank polishing upgrade is. Recommended for those running hard.

The regular Scat rods that come with this assembly are sufficient for most street rod uses, but the Scat Competition series rods offer more security against rod breakage under hard use, and they have the huge ARP-8740 7/16's cap screws. These rods require slightly less cam to rod clearancing then the regular Scat rods. We use the very same Scat Competition rods in our 600+ hp 427 and 434 engines.

Cost of this Scat Competition rod upgrade is. All rods, regardless of brand, should be checked for sizing on a Sunnen machine, and corrected if needed. You will seldom see a complete set of rods that have perfect sizing on both ends right out of the box.

Cost of this rod proofing/sizing upgrade is. This is for those who want the engine to operate virtually vibration free at high rpm. Extends engine life and frees up a few more horse power. This is a somewhat labor intensive procedure and is not required, but the feel of an absolutely vibration free engine at high rpm is desirable by many.

The standard balance job that is included with this assembly at no extra charge is certainly sufficient. With a race balance job, all pistons and rods are match weighed to within 2/10's of a gram or less, and the final balance is brought down to around 1 gram plus or minus. An ultra smooth engine at high rpm has a noticeable feel and sound to it. If you do not opt for this upgrade, the assembly will still be fully balanced.

We spend a good hour and a half doing the regular balance work, and it will certainly meet your needs. Cost of this race balancing upgrade is. This is one upgrade that we find to be very valuable. The rod bolts are most likely to fail under hard use, moreso than the rod itself. When a rod bolt fails during high RPM, total engine destruction is usually the result. The ARP-2000 rod bolts are a very good upgrade, in our opinion. We actually have few, if any, problems with the regular ARP-8740 bolts, but those who run hard always upgrade to the ARP-2000 rod bolts.

The ARP-2000 rod bolts also torque at a higher number, and this increased clamping force is also a factor in keeping the big end of the rod stable and true to size. The ARP-2000 bolts are installed in the rods and this upgrade is only available with the Competition or H-beam rod upgrade. Cost of this ARP 2000 rod bolt upgrade is. This is the ultimate upgrade for those wanting to run hard.

Nos, blowers, turbos, are not an issue with this crank. Even without such power adders, this Crank offers great protection under the most severe conditions. This upgrade also comes with the HP high Performance King bearings. Should you decide to run power adders in the future, this would be essential.

The fatigue life of the 4340 crank over the cast nodular is also greatly extended. We do offer this upgrade as part of many of our assemblies in some of our other listings. They have the key words, "fully forged, " in the title.

Cost of this forged crank upgrade is. Some of these upgrades are often requested by those building an engine without a machine shop.

We find most of these upgrades very valuable for those wanting to take longevity and durability to the next level. They are all bottom end related, and that's an area worth investing a few more dollars into, in our opinion, especially if you're planning on running long and/or hard. These upgrades are also valuable for your build history on your engine, and would certainly increase the resale value of your engine, should you ever sell it. Pricing of upgrades subject to change.

BE SURE OF THE COMPRESSION RANGE AND BORE SIZE YOU WANT BEFORE PURCHASING. A note from Skip White, company president. We have built this setup for many people that are into serious street/strip use as well as drag racing, and have yet to experience a failure.

Every part in this assembly meets our satisfaction. I can promise you that many assemblies offered by other sellers pale in comparison to ours. This is the best value you will find on the market. Many people have asked how is it that we can sell this assembly for such a low price. We are a volume sales based company. Our profit is based on sheer volume, with a very low markup. We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product. Please see the article below for a more detailed explanation. I'm sure many of you have noticed there are 2 high performance engine builders in Kingsport, TN with similar names, and this has led to a great amount of confusion.

We are Skip White Performance, NOT White Performance and Machine. Many customers looking for us online inadvertently find them, thinking we are the same company. There is no connection between the two companies. We don't have a problem with free enterprise (competition).

However, when the competition builds their foundation on such things as a name similarity and their supposedly long history of being in business, then we think it's about time we set the record straight. We have owned White Performance since 2003, with the exception of the machine shop, which was owned by Fred White at the time. Due to their limited production capability and many disagreements about the engine building process and workmanship, we opted to open a full scale machine shop of our own. Fred White began competing against us even though our contract had a no compete clause in it. As our business grew, we opened a second, much larger warehouse around 2011, located on Brookside Ln.

At this point we were well established as the number one street rod engine building in the nation. Due to the name similarity, many people looking for us mistakenly contacted Fred's shop. The problem continues to this day and the new owners of Fred's shop reap the benefits from this confusion between the two shops. Fortunately we stay plenty busy throughout the year, but a new problem has come up.

We're getting calls nearly on a daily basis from people that realize there are two shops in this town with very similar names and complain of serious problems in getting their engine in a timely manner from them. Due to the confusion, there is an increasing amount of negative talk that is starting to reflect on our reputation within the street rod community, when in fact we have a near perfect reputation in this industry. All in all, we have been in this business 16 years. By putting heart and soul in this company, we have become the number one street rod engine builder in the country. Skip White's passion has been owning and building street rods for 47 years on a personal level.

The knowledge he has gained over time has allowed him to venture into this business and succeed to a very high level. This investor lacks any knowledge of this industry. They continue to use the White Performance & Machine name. Fred White is no longer associated with the company in any way. The great pretenders continue capitalizing from our success, but as mentioned, have been degrading our reputation.

We have become the largest street rod engine builder and supplier of rotating assemblies in the nation. Now you know the real story, and we hope this helps with the confusion. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts & Accessories\Engines & Engine Parts\Engine Rebuild Kits". The seller is "skipwhite" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RA-481A3-1000
  • Brand: SCAT WISECO

347 Ford Stroker Assembly Scat Crank 5.4 Rods Wiseco Flat Top 030 Pistons