Ford Stroker Kit

DSS Piston Kit K3-4931-3592 3.592 Bore -8cc Dish 3V for Ford 4.6L Stroker

DSS Piston Kit K3-4931-3592 3.592 Bore -8cc Dish 3V for Ford 4.6L Stroker
DSS Piston Kit K3-4931-3592 3.592 Bore -8cc Dish 3V for Ford 4.6L Stroker

DSS Piston Kit K3-4931-3592 3.592 Bore -8cc Dish 3V for Ford 4.6L Stroker

Strong, Heat Resistant 2618 Alloy. Proprietary "DMAX" Multi Stage Forging Process, Produces' a Superior Forging. Patented "X Groove" Skirt for Superior Cylinder & Ring Performance & Durability. Advanced Ring Lands Featuring a Combination of Accumulators and Drilling Ops. Ten top Land Horizontal Gas Ports For the Ultimate In Ring seal and Performance.

6 additional areas of CNC milling for weight reduction in non critical areas. Thinner Ring Grooves Maximize Critical Ring Land Strength.

Larger CNC Machined Valve Reliefs for More Aggressive Head & Cam Combinations. DSS XR 9310 or H-13 Steel Heavy Wall Piston Pins. Precision CNC Honed Pin Bores.

Double Spiro lock Pin Locks, Provide Redundancy. Drilled Forced Wrist Pin Oiling. Drilled Bottom Ring Land Intersecting Oil Drain Backs.

Advanced Profile Precision Diamond-Turned Skirts. Forged and Machined in Saint Charles Illinois USA! FX Piston and ring kit: Pushing the envelope on your engine combination? Need parts that will stand up to the demands of today? DSS Racings FX Series piston and ring kits really increases your horsepower potential without killing the budget. Forged and machined in the U. With your choice of premium aircraft quality 4032 or 2618 alloy, these pistons are a great choice for naturally aspirated, nitrous or boosted combination? FX pistons feature the patented X Groove Skirt design which reduces damage caused by fuel wash down and break-in debris for superior skirt, cylinder and ring life. Thinner ring grooves maximize ring land width and reduce radial groove depth which drastically improves the strength of the piston in the vulnerable ring land area.

Advanced ring land features that improve the effectiveness of modern piston ring technology. Low volume top land contact reduction grooves, second land pressure accumulator groove, third land oil accumulator, skirt top oil accumulator which works in conjunction with the drain backs and X Groove.

Stroker combination friendly advanced skirt design improves piston stability increasing ring seal while providing quieter operation. DSS F style 4032 and 2618 alloy forgings with internal gusseting that provide superior strength without adding excessive weight. Additional CNC milling removes material in non-critical areas to achieve a lighter weight for the perfect balance of strength, power and longevity.

Forced pin oiling, drilled bottom land intersecting oil groove drain backs, pin lock ring removal slot, precision honed piston pin bores, diamond turned high strength skirts and high precision high strength piston pins. Deep CNC valve reliefs allow the use of more aggressive cam and cylinder head combinations paving the way for big power increases! Based on application FX pistons are commonly used in 450 to 1500 + HP V8 applications. Kit includes DSS Racing FX series pistons and DSS XP piston rings. XP ring Upgrade is perfect for Extreme Power adder applications.

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DSS Piston Kit K3-4931-3592 3.592 Bore -8cc Dish 3V for Ford 4.6L Stroker